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Video Porno Cut Tari dan Ariel

June 10, 2010 · Posted in video bokep · Comment 

Gadis Seksi bugil want to share about video porno cut tari dan ariel. If you want to loook and download video porno cut tari dan ariel you can click this download in here. Appears in the Panasonic press conference Awads 2011 makes Cut Dance into the limelight. The reporters still ask about her video porno cut tari with Ariel who scandalize some time ago. What was the reaction of former presenter of ‘Insert’ that?

With a friendly smile, Cut Tari trying to dismiss claims about the sex video. “I frankly do not want to discuss it. I love the opportunity to make closing the issue,” he pleaded.

“If clean its clean its problem-it, poor people also do. Affairs wrote that God had let ngatur. We do not have to answer again was yes,” he added when met after the press conference that was held at the Diamond Room, Hotel Nikko, Central Jakarta, Thursday (03/17/2011).

Dance is wearing a blue shirt and black pants says it wants to improve imejnya and quietly worked his way back. He did not want to see a dark past.

Now, Dance prefer to spend plenty of time for children and husband. In fact, he did not hesitate to take his son to go with him during filming.

“Son, I take it shooting. Go home school I pick. For the time-aja. Children do not lack attention, too,” he concluded.